Welcome to Gravity

We shape. We mold. We create. We make it happen.

At Gravity, our mission is to push boundaries, question reality, and ignite passion to improve the future of our brands, our clients, and our team.  As creatives and strategists, we have an inner force that drives everything we do.  We challenge ourselves to see the unseen and to find  new perspectives.  We did that for ourselves as we rebranded and relaunched Gravity.  Check out our case study.

We believe that thinking and knowledge needs to be shared.  This year we’ll be doing a series of blog posts focusing on each of our values, so stay tuned for those every few months. Look for the first one to be posted in the next few weeks…. We look forward to sharing our perspectives with you and hope you’ll find them insightful.


Scott Dannenfelser
Executive Creative Director
Published: 02.09.18