Searching for Inst-piration

Finding inspiration in the modern age.

Between all of the tweets, privacy concerns, text-trickery, and braggadocios behavior, one is left wondering about where to go to get away from it all. What platform can simply inspire, be intriguing, and ignite an inner passion?

We know pictures can speak louder than words, so visual communication through Instagram became our platform of choice. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to mobile use and visual-sharing that continues to gain users’ trust and loyalty every year.

Gravity’s Instagram is curated and created by our creative team. We set out to take full-advantage of Instagram’s capabilities by creating an experience that’s not only motivating in a clever way but will give any follower a first-hand look at our culture, creative talent, and what inspires us. From our Defy It series of inspiring defiers, to our “G” viewfinder, where we ask followers to look at things differently–there’s a little bit in there for everyone.

Find us on Instagram @gravitydefyit.

Chuck Rovito
Vice President
Published: 06.11.18