Defying The Notion That Only Big Agencies Think Big

This article was originally published in partnership with BXP Magazine.

Gravity is a small agency with big experience—and even bigger thinking. We are a collection of creatives and strategists who, after cutting our teeth at big agencies, struck out to do something different. We wanted to get our hands dirty and make the work our own—truly live the brands we work with. 

We embed ourselves in these brands, blurring the line between us and our clients. It allows us to look at challenges holistically and make sure everything works in harmony. We aren’t just a package design agency— we’re a branding agency, dedicated to bringing a brand to life across all touchpoints. We’re passionate about our work and what new kinds of thinking we can bring to a project. This is the value we create for our clients. There is economy in having a single agency that can deliver across multiple executions and create a consistent brand experience. 

What is your company’s sweet spot and unique point of difference?

Our size is our sweet spot. It allows us to move quickly when we need to. Many agencies speak to being agile and nimble—but it’s part of our DNA. We’re a small team, but we don’t think small. It’s what attracts both our talent and clients alike. There’s a misconception that for big thinking, you have to go to a big agency. At Gravity, we’ve made it our mission to think and act differently. We’re always looking to see the unseen and discover a new point of view. 

What’s most important to brands in this current business climate? How can you help them achieve that goal?

Brands need partners. They need an agency that’s as passionate about their business as they are. We pride ourselves on being able to share that passion with our clients, as well as bring a fresh perspective to the table. The only constant today is change—and brands need partners who can help them think through and solve these evolving business challenges. 

Where does your design inspiration come from? What fuels your work?

We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere—but you’ve got to train yourself to see it. We are constantly seeking out opportunities for our people to learn, discover, and be inspired by viewing the world around them through different lenses. 

Since the beginning, we’ve worked to develop a studio culture based around learning and discovery. If you’re not learning—if you’re not discovering—you’re dying. We encourage everyone to reach out and experience new things through travel, conferences, and education. We want our studio to always be ready with inspiration and insights. 

We’ve had folks be inspired sitting atop Machu Picchu, as well as doing paper towel runs to Target. One may be more glamorous, but they can both offer valuable creative inspiration that leads to beautiful and inspiring ideas in their own right. 

Scott Dannenfelser
Executive Creative Director
Published: 01.21.19