Craft Pizza for a Hungry Generation

Millennial consumers want it all: delicious food made from the finest quality ingredients, paired with a thoughtful and considered experience they’d be excited to share with their friends—and they want to be able to take it anywhere.

Aldi wanted to create a pizza that would capture the attention of these Millennial taste buds, and asked Gravity to help develop a brand that this food-focused generation would seek out.

Clockwise from left: round one concept review, refining visual territories, and reviewing the first round of names.
How We Did It

Creating a pizza brand that would grab and hold Millennials’ attention is no easy task. We had to build an understanding of the pizza landscape, while also getting a better idea of what excites Millennials.

So we decided to treat frozen pizza like craft beer.

With that idea in hand, we developed design inspiration around multiple conceptual territories, working to find different ways-in for this “pizza as beer” mindset.

We decided to focus on three key directions: exciting the pizza obsessive, making an impact with a bold attitude, and bringing friends together with food.

Once aligned on a territory, we dug into truly defining this new brand and its relationship to the world. What’s the big idea behind it? What’s its purpose, and what does it stand for?

Summary of round one concepts.
Pizza with an attitude!

It’s about being bold. It’s about not compromising, and just being yourself.

So how do we put that feeling on a box?

We started with visual explorations and dove into naming soon after, tackling both in tandem.
Once we arrived at “Hangry Tomato,” our vision for the brand quickly crystallized.

Bold, cartoonish, big-talking ingredients became the stars, their hangry attitudes emphasizing and exemplifying the brand’s tone of voice—with a rough and tough visual style to match.

A line-up of the usual flavor suspects.

When it comes to new product launches, Aldi’s success criteria is aggressive. The initial launch over-indexed on their projections, and we’ve been excited to see the brand move forward with additional SKUs and flavor profiles, each bearing their own fun and unique illustrations to help carry on that Hangry Tomato attitude.