Brand Refresh
Defy It

Our brand was facing an identity crisis. Or, rather, a lack-of-identity crisis. We inherited the name Gravity—but we never made it our own. It was time to finally embrace it.

So we jumped.

For the initial ideation, we worked in teams to identify what we believed in as an agency.
How We Did It

Self-reflection is never an easy task. Sometimes, the best way inside is to start from the outside. So we started to ask ourselves the same questions we would ask a client:

What do we believe in? What gets us out of bed in the morning? What’s our purpose as a branding and design agency? Where is our place in this crowded world? What makes us different?

We wanted to push boundaries.
We wanted to question reality.
We wanted to ignite passion in ourselves and others.
We wanted to improve the future and create a better world.
We wanted to be bold.

But you can’t just “be bold.” You have to earn it.

With that, we had our goals—but how to get there?

So we started small:

We think different.
We collaborate.
We mix it up.
We turn it upside and inside out.
We shape, we mold, we create, we make it happen.

This is what we do on a daily basis, and something we can do differently than anyone else—because no one else has the team that we have.

This was a foundation we could build on.

Pushing boundaries? Questioning reality?

We had the tools to do it. Now it was about actually doing it.

We continually converged to share and agree on ideas, before diverging again into small teams to explore and develop more.
What We Did

We dove into our creative sessions with enthusiasm, continuing to subject our own brand to the same rigors through which we take our clients. Identity, photography, color, type, tone-of-voice—everything was on the table, ready to be revamped and explored.

We chose black and white as a foundation—our goal: to keep it simple, but make a statement.

We eventually ended up with an aesthetic we were proud of, and a message to the world that we were ready to take on any challenge. But first…a different sort of challenge.

We had to take it to our larger team.

Clockwise, from top left: a video montage for our brand launch party at the Contemporary Arts Center, the entrance to the launch party, and our exhibit at Northern Kentucky University's annual design agency exhibition.

Dealing with creatives can already be like herding cats…Now we had to get them to agree on something—something close to home.

And they got it. Suddenly, we were aligned as a company behind a new vision—and it was time to show the world.

Our grand unveiling was a smash success, and since then, we’ve been working every day to defy expectations of what a creative agency can be. We know our team members are our most important asset—they broaden our abilities and bring empathy and emotion to every project they touch.

And now we have a brand that represents who we are and where we want to go.

Gravity defies.

How do you?