Can Lab
Going Beyond the Brief

Looking to expand their offering, production house Phototype invested in an aluminum can printing press with the hopes of catching the attention of companies big and small. They tasked us with creating a sell sheet to highlight their capabilities and printing techniques.

The design team compiled visual stimulus as they developed concept themes.
Welcome to the Phototype Can Lab

We encouraged Phototype to think beyond just a simple sell sheet. To truly appreciate
these hard-to-describe printing techniques, one needs to hold the product in their hand.
Why not bring these features to life and let them live off paper, and leave the customer with a lasting impression?

Let them hold it. Show them you can bring their ideas to life.

Our can designs on Phototype's press for a test run.

With four different printing techniques to show off, we decided to create a craft four pack. To bring unity, we wanted to highlight Phototype and Gravity’s shared hometown of Cincinnati, paying tribute to some of the Queen City’s famous faces, popular foods, and celebrated architecture.

It quickly became a passion project for our team, allowing them to flex their creative muscles and bring exciting new ideas to the forefront. With the client’s (enthusiastic) blessing, the project suddenly grew. Soon, we were designing carriers and posters alongside the cans and sell sheet.

Details of the color changing can (left) and the textured can (right).

The full set of materials was a hit when Phototype brought their wares to a brewing convention in Cleveland. They left the convention with an increased client base and piqued the interest of many—especially those in the craft brew market.

“We were thrilled with the Gravity design work, and the thinking behind it. It was an immediate hit at the Brewer’s conference, and really helped us engage and connect with potential clients.”
– Bill Gislason, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Phototype

Gravity was also awarded a local Addy Award for the work, as well as Judge’s Choice.

What They Said
“This piece is so brilliantly thought out at every step – as soon as it clicked, I gasped out loud. It was immediately my favorite…It’s so out of the box and so cohesive—especially for a sell sheet! I just had to give it love.”
- CincinnADDY Judge, Julie Lankes, Creative Director and Principal of Boxboom Creative