100% Grape Juice
Celebrating Farmer Owned

From coast to coast, generations of Welch’s family farmers have perfected the craft of producing the Concord and Niagara grapes that have been the key ingredient for over a century. However, a recent packaging update had missed the opportunity to bring this story to life at shelf.

Gravity was brought on to help revive this connection to the brand’s heritage, and highlight the product’s origin: the family farm.

We developed design inspiration around three core ideas.

In order to catch consumer’s eye and clearly communicate the Welch’s story, we knew we were going to need to leverage brand recognition, increase shop-ability, and shine a light on the brand’s rich heritage of family farming.

We looked at the category, dug into trends and saw what was happening in the juice aisle. Taking a holistic look at grocery, we observed how healthy, delicious foods are showcased.

Applying our industry knowledge, we explored Welch’s values to create a design inspiration space with three important focuses: real food…made by real people…that’s good for your heart.

From there, we explored a range of concepts, dialing up different aspects within each design. Our concepts went from evolutions of the current design, to more revolutionized concepts that pushed boundaries of how farm to table can be communicated on package. Each prominently presented the grapes, allowing the consumer to understand just what was going into each and every bottle, as well as bringing the family farm to each design.

We developed six concepts, exploring a range of solutions from a simple evolution of the current design, to a more modern aesthetic.

Collectively, we moved forward with a concept that celebrates the quality of product married with the Welch’s family heritage. We maintained existing design of the back panel, which brings the family heritage to life by spotlighting the farmer message.


The final design was extended across the full range of Welch’s 100% Grape Juices, including forty-five SKUs of various size and format, all maintaining a holistic impression on shelf from variant to variant.

From initial idea to print ready production, we utilized all of our functions to bring this project to life.